General Rules

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This wiki desperately needs some actual rules to stop the flood of vandalism, category abuse and unprofessional editting being done - this wiki should aim to be as neutral as possible and should ONLY list men, women and organizations widely regarded as "evil", "immoral" or destructive to most societies.

Thus I propose the following rules:

  • Category Creation: No more new categories - the ones we have suffice, we should also remove biased categories that are designed for fiction (such as Destroyers, Life-Drainers, Evil vs Evil, Knight of Cerberus etc) - focusing on more neutral / factual categories (Murderers, Terrorists, Torturers etc).
  • Neutral Writing Style: No more articles describing someone as "pure evil", a "main antagonist" or a "villain" - simply label them dictator, serial-killer, terrorist (as applies) and describe their crimes in a factual manner with as little personal bias as possible.
  • Sources: provide valid links and sources to articles, proving the crimes details occured and were not fabricated - all criminals MUST be found guilty of said crime (eith in life or death).
  • Insertion of False Information / Vandalism - should be blocked for a week per offence, repeat offenders should be blocked for a year.
  • Trolling - deliberate "trolling" (attempts to disrupt the wiki by inciting trouble) should be punished by a week block per offence.
  • Quality over Quantity - users should be encouraged to spell-check all articles to a basic degree, try to write basic English and constant creation of extremely poor articles should result in a week block.