Gabriel Wortman

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Gabriel Wortman
Gabriel Wortman.jpg
Full Name: Gabriel Wortman
Alias: N/A
Origin: New Brunswick, Canada
Occupation: Denturist
Skills: Police Impersonation
Hobby: Policing
Buying law enforcement memorabilia
Refurbishing old police cruisers
Goals: Kill people (succeeded 22 times, failed twice)
Crimes: ~22 Counts of Murder
~2 Counts of Attempted Murder
Type of Villain: Mass Murderer

Gabriel Wortman (1969 - April 19, 2020) was a mass murderer responsible for the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting, which resulted in the deaths of 22 people and left 2 injured. Wortman was eventually killed by police outside a gas station.

Wortman's motive is unknown, however, locals reported that he owned a business that was forced to shut down due to the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic.

2020 shooting

Between the late evening of 18 April 2020 and the late morning of 19 April 2020, Gabriel Wortman murdered 22 people and injured two others across several small towns in Nova Scotia. He personally knew many of the victims, but others were chosen randomly. The incident is the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history.


The shooting began in Portapique, where Wortman lived. Wortman was at a party with his girlfriend when the two began arguing. When they went home, he assaulted her and tied her up, but she escaped to the nearby woods. Wortman then burned down his house and returned to the party armed with several guns. There, he shot and killed seven people.

Wortman then roamed around the neighborhood, killing six more people and burning down two more homes. He killed some in their homes and others outside. When first responders arrived, they found thirteen people dead, one man injured, and Wortman himself gone. He probably evaded roadblocks by driving through a field.


The next morning, Wortman arrived in Wentworth. There, he attacked a home where a former hunting partner lived. He murdered the man and his wife and set the house ablaze, causing an explosion. He then killed a neighbor who had heard the explosion and run over to help. On his way out of Wentworth, he shot and killed a woman out for a walk.


Wortman next passed through the town of Debert. He used his police disguise to pull over a woman's car and murder her. He then did the same thing to another woman further down the road. He knew neither of these victims.


In Schubenacadie, Wortman encountered two RCMP officers who were searching for him. Constables Chad Morrison and Heidi Stevenson had arranged to meet in the small town, presumably as part of the search for Wortman.

Wortman first encountered Morrison, who saw his mockup police cruiser and assumed it was Stevenson's. Wortman pulled up next to Morrison and shot him repeatedly, gravely wounding him. Morrison survived and was able to drive away.

Shortly thereafter, Wortman and Stevenson met on the highway and crashed their cars into each other. Wortman and Stevenson then engaged each other in a gun battle. Wortman shot Stevenson several times, then dragged her out of her vehicle and shot her again, killing her. He then stole her gun and ammunition and set both cars on fire.

When another driver came upon Wortman and the burning cars, Wortman shot him dead and stole his car. Wortman then headed to the Schubenacadie home of a fellow denturist. He murdered her there and then transferred his guns to her car, abandoning his first stolen car and taking hers.


The RCMP finally caught up to Wortman in a chance encounter at a gas station in Enfield. Both Wortman and the officers had pulled into the station to refuel their cars. The officers recognized Wortman and were able to shoot him dead before he could attack them.


  • Lisa McCully, 49
  • Heidi Stevenson, 48
  • Heather O'Brien, 55
  • Kristen Beaton, 33
  • Greg Blair, 45
  • Jamie Blair, 40
  • Alana Jenkins, 36
  • Sean McLeod, 44
  • Tom Bagley, 70
  • Aaron Tuck, 45
  • Jolene Oliver, 39
  • Emily Tuck, 17
  • Gina Goulet, 54
  • Lillian Hyslop, 65
  • Joanne Thomas, 58
  • John Zahl, 69
  • Joey Webber, 36
  • Frank Gulenchyn, 62
  • Dawn Gulenchyn, 66
  • Corrie Ellison, 42
  • Peter Bond, 74
  • Joy Bond, 70