Gabe Parker

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Gabe Parker
Full Name: Gabriel Ross Parker
Alias: Gabe Parker, Gabe
Origin: Benton, KY
Occupation: Student at Marshall County High School
Skills: Intelligence
Hobby: Playing Tuba, Playing Video Games
Goals: Start a School Shooting
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: Sadistic Student

Gabriel Ross Parker (March 3rd, 2002 - ) was a student at Marshall County High School, infamous for causing a school shooting there.

School shooting

At 7:57 AM as students were gathering in an open area prior to the start of classes, 15-year-old student Gabriel Ross Parker, opened fire with a 9mm Ruger handgun, killing two 15 year old at the scene.

Parker reportedly went to the schools band room to check with his friends before the shooting, to make sure they were not in the area before returning to the commons area and beginning his attack. Witnesses stated that the gunman's eyes were "lifeless" and that he said nothing while he fired at students.

After the shooting he discarded the weapon and ran to the weight room and hid with other students. Students, unaware he was the suspected shooter, motioned for him to join them in hiding. Another student who was hiding in the location, recognized Parker as shooter and alerted a teacher in the room about the shooters identity, the teacher then called law enforcement.

The mother of the suspect reportedly received a phone call from her son that there had been a shooting and that he was scared. The revelation that her son was the suspected shooter caused her to be physically ill.

Court Case

When he sat there in court, others stood in line to get schedules. He sat quietly with dozens of people glaring at him. He was charged as an adult (despite being 16) with two counts of murder (killing Bailey Nicole Holt and Preston Ryan Cope) and pleaded not guilty