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Full Name: Unknown
Alias: GOEC


Origin: Brazil
Occupation: Hacking (possible)
Skills: Doxxing

Hacking other people accounts


Hobby: Hacking



Goals: Being known on chan-style imageboards (succeeded)

Committing online sexual offenses (negatively succeeded)

Keep their crimes online a secret without being caught and arrested (negatively succeeded)

Being known on Orkut and VK (succeeded)

Doxxing Orkut users (succeeded)

Create his own website (succeeded, but the website got shut down)

Hacking his enemies incluiding Ricardo Wagner (negatively succeeded)

Crimes: Child Pornography

Hate Speech

Type of Villain: Anonymous CyberCriminal

GOEC, or Alemão, is a controversial hacker from the Cartola FC community and later a Dogolachan user. The acronym can refer to both GOEC itself and the name of the group he led at Cartola. The main suspect of being GOEC is a Brazilian neo-Nazi criminal residing in France named Fagner Fernando Viegas Vallier, although there are other suspects.