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Friedrich Paul "Fritz" Honka (31 July 1935 – 19 October 1998) was a German serial killer active from 1970 to 1975.

Honka grew up in a concentration camp during the Holocaust due to his father being a communist. As an adult, he would regularly get drunk and force women to perform oral sex on him, and was also arrested for attempting to rape a woman named Ruth Dufner; however he agreed to pay a fine of 4500 Deutschmarks in return for rape charges being dropped. Supposedly Honka usually targeted toothless women for his attacks due to a combination of a fetish for oral sex and an irrational fear of having his penis mutilated during the act.

In December 1970 Honka committed his first known murder when he strangled a sex worker to death in his flat. According to Honka he did so because she would not have sex with him. He then sawed up her corpse and dumped her remains in various points in the surrounding area. Four years later he strangled another sex worker and dismembered her corpse before hiding her remains in the building's attic. He did this to two more prostitutes in 1974 and 1975.

On 15 July 1975 Honka's apartment building caught fire. Responding firefighters found the remains of one of his victims. Searching the building, they found the remains of two other victims in Honka's flat. Honka was arrested and confessed to killing all three of the women and the one killed in 1970. He was convicted of one count of murder and three counts of manslaughter by way of diminished mental capacity and sentenced to 15 years in a psychiatric hospital. He was discharged in 1993 and spent the rest of his days in a nursing home until he died in 1998.