Friedrich Leibacher

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Friedrich Heinz Leibacher (July 21, 1944-September 27, 2001) was a Swiss mass murderer who went on a massacre in the canton Parliament of Zug, Switzerland.

Early Life and Legal Issues

Decades before the massacre he was employed and also had many failed marriages and was even married to his daughter, in 1970 he was convicted of incest, theft, forgery and traffic offenses and was sentenced to 18 months detention. Once Friedrich got out of detention, doctors diagnosed him with personality disorder and alcoholism. 18 years later in 1988, he was in trouble with the law after assaulting a bus driver, Friedrich was so upset with his treatment that he would write complaint letters to the authorities, over the years he began to believe that Cantonal Minister Robert Bisig and the goverment were targeting him, Friedrich even tried to sue Robert but ended up losing.

The Massacre

On the day of massacre he dressed himself in tactical gear and a homemade police vest, he was also carrying an S&W Model 19-7 revolver, SIG Sauer P232 SL pistol, Remington 870 Express shotgun, and SIG SG 550 rifle. Since he was wearing a police uniform, he was allowed to enter inside, once he got into the hall he killed 3 members of the Executive Council and 11 members of the legislature. He reportedly fired 91 rounds. In the end, he killed 14 people and injured 18 before igniting a homemade bomb and shooting himself. He left behind a suicide note titled "Tag des Zornes für die Zuger Mafia" ("Day of wrath for the Zug mafia").


  1. Herbert Arnet, 50
  2. Peter Bossard, 63
  3. Martin Döbeli, 57
  4. Jean-Paul Flachsmann, 65
  5. Karl Gretener, 40
  6. Heinz Grüter, 53
  7. Konrad Häusler, 45
  8. Dorothea Heimgartner-Häller, 53
  9. Monika Hutter-Häfliger, 52
  10. Erich Iten, 44
  11. Katharina Langenegger-Lipp, 59
  12. Kurt Nussbaumer, 49
  13. Rolf Nussbaumer, 36
  14. Wilhelm Wismer, 44

Similar Incident

12 years later in 2013, a similar incident happened when 34-year-old Aaron Alexis killed 12 people at a Washington Navy Yard building in D.C before being killed by Police.