Freddie Lee Glenn

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</image> <label>Real Name</label> <label>Other Names</label> <label>Car used</label> <label>Weapon used</label> <label>Born</label> <label>Born of Place</label> <label>Death</label> <label>Death of Place</label> <label>Cause of Death</label> <label>Fate</label> <label>Allies</label> <label>Enemies</label> <label>First Quotes</label> <label>Last Quotes</label> </infobox> Freddie Lee Glenn (born January 6, 1957) is an American spree killer and rapist. Along with his accomplice, Michael Corbett, Glenn was found guilty of murdering three people in 1975. Glenn and Corbett were responsible for a total of five deaths in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado. One of Glenn's most famous victims was Karen Grammer, the younger sister of actor Kelsey Grammer, who was raped and murdered by Glenn. Glenn was sentenced to death by gas chamber, but Colorado's death penalty was abolished, so this was commuted to life imprisonment.