Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.

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Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.
Frazier Glenn Miller.jpg
Full Name: Frazier Glenn Miller Jr.
Alias: Glenn Miller
Frazier Glenn Cross
Origin: North Carolina
Occupation: Leader of the White Patriot Party
Hobby: Making hateful remarks about Jews
Spreading racist propaganda
Goals: Help establish a "White Christian state" (failed)
Crimes: Murder
Hate speech
Type of Villain: Terrorist

White Christians today represent the best of our race.
~ Miller in his book A White Man Speaks Out.

Frazier Glenn Miller (b. November 23, 1940), is a known white supremacist, as well as the founder of the White Patriot Party, which started out as a branch of the Ku Klux Klan. He advocates white nationalism, white separatism, and Anti-Semitism, and heavily opposes minorities, homosexuals, and Third World immigration. He is the primary suspect of the shootings at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center which resulted in the deaths of three Jewish people on April 13, 2014.

On August 31, 2015, Miller was found guilty in the Overland Park shooting of one count of capital murder, three counts of attempted murder and assault and weapons charges. On November 10, 2015, he was formally sentenced to death, and is currently sitting on Death Row at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in Butler County, Kansas.

Early life

He was born in North Carolina, and was named after his father, Flenn Glenn Miller, Sr. He didn't receive a full education since he dropped out of high school and went to fight in the Vietnam War. He joined the United States Army, and he served under the Special Forces branch of the U. S. Army. He later became a sergeant in 1979, only to be relieved of his service after he was shown distributing racist propaganda.

In 1980, he founded the White Patriot Party. It was a paramilitary organization that was inspired by the Christian Identity theology. He was the leader and chief spokesperson for the organization for years until his arrest in 1987. After his arrest, his organization diminished in importance. The reason for his arrest was because it was believed that he and his organization were plotting the assassination of SPLC leader, Morris Dees.

During his life, he tried to run for the Democratic Party's 1984 election as the Governor of North Carolina, and later on, the 1986 Republican Party's election for a seat in the United States Senate. He once appeared on The David Pakman Show, in which he openly admitted his disdain towards Jewish people in an April 2010 interview.

Known activities

After his release from prison due to several Federal criminal charges being held against him in April 30, 1987, Miller wrote an autobiography entitled A White Man Speaks Out, which in turn was privately published in 1999. Later on, he attempted to rejoin the white supremacist movement by publishing a racist newsletter. His newsletter was met with mixed feelings, however, as many considered him to be a traitor. He eventually began to contribute to the Vanguard News Network of Alex Linder, which is an anti-Semitic, white supremacist website.