Frank Abagnale

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Frank Abagnale
Frank Abagnale photo.jpeg
Full Name: Frank William Abagnale Jr.
Origin: New Rochelle, New York, USA
Occupation: Robber/Con Man (formerly)
Prisoner (formerly)
FBI Agent in the Bank Fraud Unit (Currently)
Skills: High IQ, Swindling (formerly)
Hobby: Conning People (formerly)
Helping the FBI (currently)
Goals: Steal Money (formerly)
Serve his 12 year sentence In the FBI's Bank Fraud United (succeeded)
Crimes: Racketeering, Money Laundering, Impersonation
Type of Villain: Redeemed Con Artist

Frank Abagnale was a former Bank fraudster who was Notorious for robbing banks and committing other schemes. This earned him a spot on the FBI's most wanted list prior to his redemption.

He's the main protagonist in the book and the respective film adaptation of the same name.


Frank Abagnale Sr. (Father); Status: Deceased

Paula Barnes (Mother)

Jack Barnes (Step-father)

Unnamed Barnes (Maternal-Half-Sister)

Unnamed Abagnale (Wife)

Three Sons


Carl Hanratty

He and Abanganale were originally enemies, but due to the latter's conniving schemes. After Frank's arrest however, Carl and Frank became close friends.

Frank Abagnale Sr.

He is the father of Frank Abagnale which led to this scheming.