Francisco Pizarro

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In the 16th century the Spanish conquistadors tore into the New World of South America. Francisco Pizarro, an illiterate peasant solider who conquered Peru, was perhaps the most ruthless of these soldiers of fortune. In 15 years he and his followers killed thousands of indigenous Indians, wiped out the ruling Inca monarchy and enslaved an empire. These acts were committed in pursuit of power, gold and religious imperialism. Few men have changed the course of world history in such a violent, ruthless manner.
~ Introduction to the documentary "The Most Evil Men In History: Francisco Pizarro"

Francisco Pizarro (1471 - June 26th, 1541) was an explorer during the 1500's who conquered the Incan Empire and murdered many civilians. He is one of the worst conquistadors of the time, like Cortez. He destroyed the entire empire and was from Italy.

Francisco was murdered by a Diego de Almagro the younger and a group of men, in revenge for double crossing Diego the older.