Francine Graham

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Francine Graham
Full Name: Francine Graham
Origin: Elizabethport, New Jersey
Occupation: Home health worker
Skills: Firearms usage
Goals: Kill Jews in Jersey City(partially succeeded)

Attack a yeshiva(failed)

Crimes: Mass murder


Type of Villain: Religious terrorist

Francine Graham (1969-2019) was an Extreme Black Hebrew who, together with her boyfriend David Nathaniel Anderson, committed a mass shooting at a kosher supermarket in Jersey City, New Jersey.


Francine Graham was a home healthcare worker living in Elizabethport, New Jersey. In 2017 she met David Nathaniel Anderson, and it is around this time that she became a Black Israelite.Her neighbor believed she was coerced into the religion, and heard her and Anderson chanting. A friend noted that after meeting Anderson, Graham stopped talking to her, and lost interest in work.

In November 2018, she was evicted from her condominium, and at the time of the shooting was living in a van with Anderson.

Jersey City shooting

On December 10, 2019, Graham and Anderson killed Jersey City police detective Joseph Seals near a cemetery. They then drove away in a U-Haul van to JC Kosher supermarket, where they exited the van with their guns drawn. Upon entering the supermarket, they began shooting. A customer, David Lax, pushed Graham aside and escaped. Three others inside the store were not so lucky. Police quickly responded, resulting in a shootout that led to both Graham and Anderson's deaths.

It is believed that they intended to attack a yeshiva(Jewish theological school) but were thwarted by Seals' investigation of a previous murder they had committed, against taxi driver Michael Rumberger. This may be false, as there was a yeshiva next door to the store that they did not attack, although they had a bomb in the van that might have been detonated had the police not arrived when they did.


  • Miguel Douglas(aka Douglas Rodriguez), 49
  • Leah Minda Ferencz, 33
  • Moshe Deutsch, 24
  • Joseph Seals, 39
  • Michael Rumberger, 34

(Note: It is unknown exactly who killed who due to lack of footage regarding the shooting)