Fedai Baran

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Fedai Baran
Fedai Baran.png
Full Name: Fedai Baran
Goals: Kill his ex wife(suceeded)
Crimes: Domestic abuse


Type of Villain: Murderer/abuser

On 18 August 2019, Fedai Baran brutally murdered his ex-wife Emine Bulut in front of their daughter in Kırıkkale, Turkey.[1] A video of the aftermath of the slaughter went viral showing Bulut with her chest covered in blood from the stab wounds. She is heard crying "I don't wanna die", along with her daughter screaming "Mamma please don't die".

Bulut's murder is one instance of an epidemic of violence against women that has plagued in Turkey for years according to the figures of women's rights groups. 245 has been murdered as a result of domestic violence since the beginning of the 2019.