Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front

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Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front
Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front.png
Fullname: Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front
Alias: Patria y Libertad
Black Spiders
Origin: Chile
Foundation: April 1, 1971
Headquarters: Irene Morales 11, Santiago
Commanders: Pablo Rodríguez Grez
Goals: Overthrow the Allende government (failed)
Crimes: Terrorism
Arms trafficking
Inciting hatred

The Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front (Spanish: Frente Nacionalista Patria y Libertad) was a fascist ideology paramilitary group that operated between 1971 and 1973 in Chile, with the aim of overthrowing the government of Salvador Allende.

It was founded in 1971 by the nationalist Pablo Rodríguez Grez, whose objective was to overthrow the government of President Salvador Allende, with socialist tendencies.

During its active years, the organization dedicated itself to carrying out different sabotages and attacks with explosions in different parts of Chile, apart from encouraging demonstrations and protests against the government. Also, members of the organization assassinated Arturo Araya Peeters, naval aide of President Salvador Allende.

On June 29, 1973, the Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front along with members of the Chilean army attempted to carry out an attempted military coup against the Allende government, known as Tanquetazo, which was a failure, and ended up causing many of its members having to take refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy or go underground.

After Augusto Pinochet's military coup and Allende's suicide, the organization dissolved.

Currently, the organization's symbols are used by far-right groups during protests, such as La Vanguardia or groups related to Sebastian Izquierdo.