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known_variants: Nazism
Clerical Fascism
Brazilian Integralism
Shōwa Statism
key_people: Alt-Right
Adolf Hitler
Gregor Strasser
Benito Mussolini
Francisco Franco
Ante Pavelić
Jozef Tiso
Klaus Barbie
position: Far-right
Fascism, with its violence, gets rid of everything: it attacks universities, it closes them and crushes them; it attacks intellectuals, represses them and persecutes them; it attacks political parties; it attacks trade union organizations; it attacks all mass and cultural organizations. Therefore, nothing is more violent, more retrograde and more illegal than fascism.
~ Fidel Castro

Fascism is a far-right ideology that glorifies the nation or race as an organic union and keeps it superior to all other concepts. It aims to create a myth of rebirth with nationalism or racism gas. Accordingly, fascism is against new formations such as materialism and individualism, which they consider moral collapse. Fascism accepts masculinity, youth and all kinds of power that can produce violence. Features, but not always, promote ethnic superiorities, ethnic persecution, imperialist expansion and genocide. Sometimes it promises solidarity to the women of the race or the nation.

It aims to initiate a mass movement to gain fascism power. The society is completely brute and totalitarian. As both a movement and a regime, fascism uses mass organizations as a system of integration and control. And it puts all opposition under pressure with organized violence. Again, it aims to raise uniform people with a completely memorizing education in schools to spread their own ideologies. It is the right wing counterpart of Communism.

Types of fascism

Benito Mussolini, fascist dictator and founder of Fascism.

Italian Fascism

Italian Fascism is the original fascist ideology founded by Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile. It remained semi-relevant after the war, even winning seats in the Italian Parliament under the Italian Social Movement (MSI). Another notable post-war fascist organization was Avanguardia Nazionale, a militant group that aimed to make Italy a fascist state by force, attempting a coup in 1970.


Recreation of the logo of the Nazi Party.

National Socialism, or Nazism for short, was the state ideology of the German Reich, founded by Anton Drexler and Adolf Hitler. Since the founding of the American Nazi Party, it is the most popular form of fascism, with organizations identifying as Nazis all over the world.

Nazism was frequently referred to as Hitlerism during Adolf Hitler's rise to power. It implements anti-semitism, anti-communism, scientific racism, and the use of eugenics into its ideology.

It is widely regarded as immoral/evil, and only a few groups support this ideal. One is the Neo-Nazis, who describe themselves as followers of Nazism.


Falangisn (also sometimes known as Francoism) is an ideology based on the ideologies of the Falange de las J.O.N.S, originally lead by Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera but most famously lead by Francisco Franco, who ruled Spain between 1936 and 1975, having friendly ties to Nazi Germany.

Falangism places a strong emphasis on Catholic religious identity, although it has held some secular views on the Church's direct influence in society as it believed that the state should have the supreme authority over the nation. Falangism emphasized the need for total authority, hierarchy and order in society.

Currently there are still Francoist movements in Spain.


Salazarism is an ideology based on the thought of António de Oliveira Salazar, an ideology that ruled Portugal between 1926 and 1974, in the period known as Estado Novo.

Brazilian Integralism




National Anarchism

National Anarchism is a combination of fascism and anarchism. There are National Anarchist groups in many different countries, but most are fairly small. However, in Europe National Anarchism has gained popularity under the name Autonomous Nationalists, also known as Nationalist Black Bloc because they use organizing strategies, symbols and dress inspired by Antifa.

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