False rape allegations

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False rape allegations are accusations of rape against an individual, when no rape has occurred or was not committed by the person accused. Although false rape allegations are most commonly made by women against men, they could be made by either gender, directed at either gender. As well as being damaging to the individual falsely accused of rape, they are also damaging to actual rape survivors, as they cause people's faith in their accusations to be shaken, often resulting in the accuser being condemned as a liar and having their genuine rapist walk free of being reprimanded.

Villains who made rape allegations declared as false


  • False rape allegations are commonly done as a greatly immoral tactic to garner resentment against a person one opposes.
  • Apart from decreasing the belief by others in real rape victims' claims, they can also be used as a conspiracy to frame someone else for a rape that someone else actually committed.