Evan Chandler

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Evan Chandler
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Full Name: Evan Chandler
Origin: El Bronx, New York, United States
Occupation: Dentist
Goals: Ruin Michael Jackson's life. (partly succeeded, But backfired)

Get him arrested. (failed)

Crimes: Manipulation
Incrimination (False rape allegations)

Child Abuse

Type of Villain: Delusional person

Evan Chandler (25-01-1944 - 05-11-2009) was a dentist who treated Hollywood celebrities and a co-screenwriter in the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights who publicly accused Michael Jackson of abusing his then 13-year-old son Jordan Christopher "Jordy" Chandler in the year 1993.

Evan killed himself in November 05, 2009, months after Michael Jackson death.

Villainous Acts

In July 1993 Evan chandler discussed with Dave Schwartz about Michael Jackson, calling him an evil person, Evan also planned how to ruin Michael Jackson's legacy and recorded a tape talking about that, which was later leaked to the press. In August 1993 Evan Chandler extracted one of Jordan's teeth and made him believe that he was abused by Jackson, Evan latter accused Michael of abusing his son Jordan, the Los Angeles Police Department's Sexually Exploited Child Unit began a criminal investigation in August 18 and no evidence about jackson abusing Jordan was found, Various children were questioned about Jackson, and no one said that he was a child molester, Neither June Chandler (Evan's wife) believed Evan's allegations.

The police would latter investigate Evan for extortion, $68,400 was found behind in his child support payments despite being well-paid as a dentist.

Evan Chandler almost beaten up his son because he did not believed what Evan made him think about Jackson.