Eugene Landy

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Eugene Landy
Full Name: Eugene Ellsworth “Gene” Landy
Alias: Gene Landy

Seriously? You have got to learn to wait your goddamn turn!!
~ Landy to Brian Wilson in the biopic "Love and Mercy"

Eugene Ellsworth “Gene” Landy (November 26th, 1934 – March 22nd, 2006) was an American psychotherapist known for his therapy and for his treatment of the Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson in the 1970s and 1980s.


After Brian began overdosing on a combination of alcohol, cocaine, and other psychoactive drugs, he was brought into Landy's care.


While he was originally asked to simply help Brian Wilson lose weight and stop talking drugs, Landy instead exploited him, and constantly gave him drugs which messed him up emotionally as well as physically. Landy also became Brian's executive producer, business manager, co-songwriter, and business adviser.

On Brian Wilson's solo album released in 1988, Landy co-produced the album and was credited on all of the album's songs. His credit was removed on subsequent releases on the album on CD and vinyl.

Brian was eventually saved from Landy by Carl Wilson. A restraining order was made in 1992, which barred Landy from contacting Brian ever again.



  • Landy's treatment of Wilson was deemed unethical by Californian courts and was later dramatized in the 2014 biographical film Love & Mercy, in which Landy is portrayed by Paul Giamatti.