Ernst Ansovich Mach

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Ernst Ansovich Mach(1898-after 1945) employ of the Cheka-OGPU-NKVD, major of state security, participant in mass repressions in USSR.

Latvian.Higher education. He wroked as shepherd.In 1915-1918- joiner of the Russian-Baltic factory in Tver.In 1918-1919- a carpenter in the Kharkov construction office. In 1919-1920 - an ordinary in the Red Army.Since 1920 in the Cheka , a peddler of the VChK prison, then the warden of the prison department of the GPU-OGPU.Since 1934 assistant chief of the fire department. Since September 1937- an employee fro special assingments of the commandant's commandants office of the USSR NKVD. He executed execution sentences.

Later on educational work with hte young employees of NKVD.

He contracted a neuropsychic illness and was dismissed from service.