Ernesto Sanabria

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If you don't like smoke. Don't get into the kitchen.
~ Brozo Slogan

Ernesto Sanabria is a salvadoran defamator that Works for Local politics. he spys his Political enemys and Leaks Private information of them on his twitter account Brozo. He also takes Pictures of them and has a arrogant Personality. He is the Press Secretary in the Nayib Bukele Goverment

Ernesto Sanabria
Full Name: Jose Ernesto Sanabria
Alias: Brozo
Origin: He was originally a announcer at the radio station La Chevere and he was known back then as Neto Chevere
Occupation: Defamator Political strategic
Skills: Spy Political enemys And Defame them with fake or real information
Hobby: Defame People with Private information in his twitter account.
Goals: Defame People with Private information in his twitter account Spy his political enemys
Crimes: Defamation Spy
Type of Villain: Defamator