Erich Naumann

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Erich Naumann at the Nuremberg Trials.png

Erich Naumann (29 April 1905 – 7 June 1951) was an Schutzstaffel-Brigadeführer and member of the SD. Naumann was responsible for genocide in eastern Europe as commander of Einsatzgruppe B and was a convicted war criminal.

During November 1941, reports he sent to Adolf Eichmann state that he was responsible for the deaths of 17,256 people in Smolensk. Under his command, he admitted that his Einsatzgruppe possessed three gas vans which "were used to exterminate human beings".

After World War II, Naumann stood trial at Nuremberg for genocide and Crimes against humanity. During the trial, he claimed that his actions and those of the Nazi Party were not wrong, as they were part of their directive during the war, which, he claimed, made them necessary. He was convicted and sentenced to death. He was hanged on 7 June 1951.