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Eric Gill
Full Name: Arthur Eric Rowton Gill
Alias: Eric Gill
Origin: Brighton, England
Occupation: Sculptor
Hobby: Creating art
Having sex with his daughters, sisters and dog
Goals: Conceal his crimes (succeeded until after his death)
Crimes: Rape
Type of Villain: Sexual deviant

Arthur Eric Rowton Gill (22 February 1882 – 17 November 1940) was an English sculptor, typeface designer, and printmaker. He is remembered for his sculptures, one of which still stands outside of the BBC in London, and his typography. He famously created sculptures such as Prospero and Ariel, based on Shakespeare's The Tempest.


According to Gill's own diaries, Gill was an extreme sexual deviant whose sexual behaviour contrasted with his religious views. He had several extramarital affairs, including with his sisters, and sexually abused his daughters. He also performed sexual acts on his dog. Gill's deviancy was not revealed until after his death from lung cancer in 1940, when his autobiographer Fiona MacCarthy discovered his personal diaries, which contained details of his sexual history. Despite the acclaim the book received, and the widespread revulsion towards aspects of Gill's sexual life that followed publication, MacCarthy received some criticism for revealing Gill's incest in his daughter's lifetime.