Eric Clanton

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Eric Clanton
Full Name: Eric Clanton
Alias: The Bike Lock Fugitive

The Bike Lock Fugitive of Berkeley

Origin: Berkeley, California
Occupation: Antifa Extremist


Skills: Bike Lock


Hobby: Teaching

Harassing People

Goals: Push his extreme radical views onto his Students (Main Goal)

Fight and assault people who oppose him and Antifa

Crimes: Assault


Type of Villain: Cowardly Extremist

Eric Clanton, also known as "The Bike Lock Fugitive of Berkeley", is a prominent and controversial member of the Left-Wing Terrorist Extremist Group "Antifa". He is most well known for attacking an innocent man who was simply trying to calm a group of Antifa Members and a group of Trump Supporters down in 2017. Eric quickly moved towards the Man from the Antifa Crowd and whacked the man over the head with a Bike Lock, causing the man to fall backwards with blood dripping from his head. As this happened, Clanton then retreated into the Antifa crowd as a small scuffle broke out between the 2 groups. The man who was hit by Clanton was helped by Trump Supporters who treated his wound.

After a video of the attack went viral, many people wanted to find out who the Bike Lock Fugitive was, as they searched endlessly for the attacker. They then found photos of the attacker with his mask fallen off, and it was revealed that the attackers name was Eric Clanton, a man from Bakersfield, California who teaches as a Professor.

Clanton was arrested May 24th on suspicion of use of a firearm during a felony with an enhancement clause and assault with a non-firearm deadly weapon.

However, on the 8th of August, 2018, Eric Clanton took a 3 years Probation Deal during his Court Case and was released.