Ensar foundation rape scandal

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The incarnation rape scandal of the Ensar Foundation, the incarceration of children living in the houses belonging to the Ensar Foundation and Karaman Anatolian Imam Hatip High School Alumni Association (KAIMDER) in Karaman. Between 2012 and 2015, 54-year-old Muharrem Büyüktürk teacher, who was documented with the police report that he raped many children aged 9-10, was arrested on 4 March 2016. Accepted indictment with Muharram Büyüktürk the "child qualified sexual abuse, restriction of liberty, intentional injury and obscene images izletme 'crimes was decided to remove the judge. Upon the occurrence of the event on March 29, 2016 Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education, teachers He explained that Muharrem Büyüktürk was dismissed from the profession.

The incident was published on the website of the BirGün newspaper on 12 March with the signature of Serbay Mansuroğlu, "Rape of 45 male students in Karaman!" with the news. An investigation was launched when a child did not want to go to school, and his older sister took it to the psychiatrist, the boy told him that he was being watched animal porn, and the psychiatrist called the prosecutor. Ten out of 45 children allegedly raped received rape reports from Karaman State Hospital and the reports entered the case file. The children in question lived in villages and neighborhoods and were sent to the courses of the relevant foundations for their reading. In the indictment, the prosecution also called for supervision for the related foundations and associations. n their statements, children who were exposed to sexual abuse said that Muhrarrem B. had beaten them, threatened them, could not resist because they were afraid and could not tell anyone that they lived because of embarrassment. Muharrem Büyüktürk accepted the crime.in addition, the second investigation was launched after the obscene images and mobile porn of Muharrem Büyüktürk were found on computers and mobile phones