El Psicópata

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El Psicópata
El psicopata retrato.png
Full Name: Unknown
Alias: El Psicópata
Origin: Costa Rica
Occupation: Serial Killer
Skills: M3 submachine gun
Hobby: Killing people
Goals: Don't get caught (successful)
Crimes: Murder

Rape (Alleged)
Evading Justice

Type of Villain: Serial Killer

"El Psicópata" (The Psychopath) was an unidentified serial killer who was active from 1986 to 1996 in Costa Rica. It is considered the first case of a serial killer in Costa Rica, as well as probably the most prolific.


Little or nothing is known about El Psicópata, because his mondus operandi was stealthy and quite secret. There are many rumors about who he was before he became a serial murderer, such as that he was supposedly a guerrilla during the Nicaraguan Revolution, or that he belonged to a rich and powerful family in the country. It is also rumored that he became a murderer due to some childhood trauma.

El Psicópata acted mainly between the cities of Cartago, Curridabat and Desamparados, and attacked his victims in little-traveled places at night. His main victims were women and heterosexual couples, whom he killed with an M3 submachine gun. In total it is known that El Psicópata killed 19 people.

The Costa Rican police reported that the reason why the main victims of El Psicópata were women was because it had the purpose of consuming their sexual fantasies. However, these claims have not been confirmed.

One of the best known murders of El Psicópata was that of Ligia Camacho Bermúdez, which occurred on June 14, 1987. Ligia was reading a book in her bed when she was shot from outside her house. Although this murder does not match the other murders of the murderer, which were on the street, it is known that it was the same murderer from the bullet holes.

The last murder committed by El Psicópata occurred on October 26, 1996, when he forced a couple to get out of their car and then kill them both with one shot each. After this murder, nothing else was ever heard of El Psicópata, who would never be captured and his whereabouts are unknown. Some have linked El Psicópata with another serial killer called "El Descuartizador", who died in 2001, but it has not been confirmed that they are the same individual.