Eduard Franko

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Eduard Franko he took part in repressions. He was Ukrainian born Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Marijampole . He was in the {Anele Senkute- Pusele and Mazvydas engagement“. Ukrainian asked sort of questions to Mazvydas . Fortunately, Kazimieras Pyplys-Mazvydas had already answered similar questions twice since the party began and encountered no difficulty in satisfying the Ukrainian's curiosity.Mazvydas was aided to some extent by what he had seen of drunken Russian table manners. Therefore, he seized and held all his cutting in the fist of one hand, and frequently grabbed the food from under the guests’ very noses. Mazvydas shot him and after several days he died sverely injured.

1947 February 19th At night, in Marijampolė the fourth house of Trakiškių Street, shots were fired, undermining high-ranking party and Soviet activists of the Lithuanian Communist Party (hereinafter - LCP) in Marijampolė county and municipality.