Ed Dahlberg

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If you're a Muslim, you're a f**king Jihadist
~ Dahlberg to Mohamed Salim

Ed Dahlberg is a wealthy airline president who in 2013 assaulted Muslim taxi driver Mohamed A. Salim.

The attack took place when Dahlberg entered Salim's cab in Fairfax County, Virginia. Halfway through the journey, Dahlberg asked Salim where he was from, and discovered he was from Somalia. Dahlberg then asked if he was a Muslim, to which he replied that he was. Dahlberg then suddenly asked him about Jihad, and when he replied that "Jihad is a form of self struggle", Dahlberg began berating him about the September 11 attacks perpetrated by Al-Qaeda and demanding that he condemn Militant Islam. When he didn't, Dahlberg accused him of being a terrorist and threatened him. Salim then said he was going to call the police, so Dahlberg punched him and yelled at him. Salim, who recorded the incident on his phone, later alleged that Dahlberg came back and broke his jaw. Salim prosecuted Dahlberg, and although state prosecutors decided there was insufficient evidence to prove Dahlberg broke Salim's jaw, the video footage proved he had indeed punched and verbally abused Salim, and he was forced to pay $350, 000 in compensation. When The Washington Post called him for comment, he simply told them he was ruined.