Draco of Athens

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Draco of Athens, also called Drakon or Drako, was the first recorded Athenian lawmaker. While little is known about his life, he is remembered for passing the Draconian Constitution, the first ever set of laws to be written rather than passed on orally. The laws passed in this constitution were characterised by their harshness, for example petty theft and idleness were both punishable by death. Draco was also a classist, as evidenced by his laws surrounding unpaid loans where a person who owed money to another person who was higher in the class system than them became their slave.


Like much of his life, the circumstances surrounding Draco's death are still unclear. While the 10th century Suda text claims that he was suffocated under a pile of hats and coats thrown at him by his supporters in a typical gesture of approval, records show that he was driven out of Athens for his authoritarian system and went to live on the island of Aegina for the rest of his life. His cause of death is unknown and is unlikely to be discovered any time soon.