Dr. Harry Harlow

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Harry Harlow (October 31, 1905 – December 6, 1981) was a scientist who became infamous as the inventor the Pit of Despair experiment, which saw him torture countless monkeys (many of which were infants) to the point of insanity, he was obsessed with the effects of love and later depression on living beings and used monkeys to see how far he could push things.

Harlow's original experiments involved using surrogate "mothers" to test baby monkeys, with some surrogates being abusive and others being kind - seeing if the monkeys would pick food over nurture : his experiment found most monkeys picked nurture.

Yet as time went by Harlow grew darker and began to abuse the monkeys on a far more malicious level, creating a device he lovingly named the "Rape Rack" - a torture device that strapped female monkeys in place so male monkeys could continually rape them.

Then came Harlow's most sadistic device, a masterpiece of torture known as the Pit of Despair - it was a cage that held baby monkeys in isolation for up to a year with no physical contact, driving them into insanity that stayed with them well into adulthood.