Donzel Edward Owens, Jr.

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Donzel Edward Owens, Jr. AKA "PlasmaMasterDon", his YouTube channel name.

Donzel Edward Owens, Jr. (September 10, 1947 - December 21, 2020), or better known as his YouTube alias "PlasmaMasterDon", was a viral YouTuber who was known for covering famous songs and also was known for his wholesome and friendly (and also grandfatherly-like) nature. In October 2020, by way of the r/MorbidReality subreddit on Reddit, it was revealed that he was a pedophile who went by the name of "Donzel Edward Owens, Jr." and had raped a young underage male in August 2019 in his hometown of Ohio (where PlasmaMasterDon also resided) by grabbing said victim's genitalia. The Redditor also said that the two (Donzel and PlasmaMasterDon) may have, in fact, been the same person all along, and had listed evidence of such as well. Don passed away only a mere two months later, on December 21, 2020.

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