Domenico Condello

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Domenico Condello is an Italian criminal belonging to the 'Ndrangheta a Mafia tpye organisation in Italy.

Born in the Archi neighbourhood of Reggio Calabria, he has been a fugitive since 1993, wanted for criminal association, murder and drugs and arms trafficking, for which he has been convicted to a life sentence. He was arrested on October 10, 2012.[1] Before his arrest, he was on the list of most wanted fugitives in Italy.[2]

He has been convicted for the murder of Paolo De Stefano in 1985, the boss of a rival clan, during the Second 'Ndrangheta war, a bloody six-year conflict (1985–1991) between the Condello-Imerti clan and De Stefano-Tegano clan.[3] With his brother Paolo Condello he was arrested in January 1988 for the killing of De Stefano.[4] He was sentenced to life, but was released in November 1990 because the terms of his pretrial detention expired before the appeal.[5]

His cousin Pasquale Condello, the undisputed leader of the clan, was arrested in February 2008, and Domenico probably succeeded him as boss.[6]

Personal life

His companion is Margherita Tegano, with whom he has two children.[7] She was arrested in March 2012, together with Condello's cousins Caterina and Giuseppa Condello and 15 others, for obstructing Condello’s arrest.[8] The concealed microphones and videocameras used by police investigators in the operation revealed relations of the Condello clan with various business figures, such as brothers Giulio, Giuseppe and Francesco Lampada, originally from Reggio Calabria but long established in Milan.