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Dogolachan, formerly known as Jorgechan, is a currently inactive Brazilian Deep Web imageboard website of the chan-style. It had two major versions and a few smaller copies and has been located at several addresses. The original Dogolachan was founded in December 2013 by Psycl0n, the supreme leader of the website, who had gained fame on the internet in previous years for being arrested and committing crimes. With Psycl0n's second arrest in May 2018, the imageboard continued on the air for a few more months until the server expired. In October of the same year, an anonymous user known as DPR recreated the imageboard on the Onion Network with a much darker design; this version became known for its association with the Suzano school shooting in March 2019, and lasted until February 2020. At the end of March 2020, a board with the name of the imageboard was founded on Endchan.


  • The name Dogola was originally from a old meme used that was very popular in Brazil used in chan-style imageboards between 2009-2012. Now, It is well used by Dogolachan.
  • When 8chan was active, the board /dogola/ served as an backup for when Dogolachan fell or suffered problems and vulnerabilities, a function that was previously performed by /firechan/ until it was raided. The currently Dogolachan reserve website today is the /goec/ board of 8channel. Dogolachan also has an alternate page on ZeroNet.
  • Dogolachan users refer to themselves as Dogoleiros or Confrades.
  • Dogolachan was never hosted in Malaysia, as Psycl0n said "This forum is hosted in Malaysia, so it is not in Brazilian court orders": No we are not. Cinipac was never hosted in Malaysia, they just used a PO Box there. If you do past IP checks on domaintools you will see it was always hosted in Romania. Domains where reselled via our Webnic account and the whois is just simply their po box (which btw they also got from us)
  • Before being known as Dogolachan, the imageboard was known as Jorgechan and sometimes, anyone who access the fake Silvio Koerich website (another Brazilian website created by Psycl0n and Emerson) was redirected to the Jorgechan.
  • Many Dogolachan users have praised school shooters such as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold from the Columbine Massacre, among others.

Notable Dogolachan Users (New and Former)

Notable Dogolachan Boards

  • /b/ - Random/Misc.
  • /mod/ - Reports, Problems, Suggestions and Complains
  • /gore/ - Violence and death videos
  • /igreja/ - Confessional
  • /opsec/ - Doxxing, Helping, Hacking
  • /saida/ - Suicidal
  • /pol/ - Politically Incorrect and Political discussions
  • /ghosts/ - Stories, Creepypastas, Conspiracy Theories
  • /int/ - International (English allowed)

Removed Boards

  • /freaks/ - Fetishes
  • /pr0n/ - Pornography
  • /lg/ - Children appreciation
  • /mu/ - Music
  • /loli/ -  Child Pornography (IRL photos)