Djemal Pasha

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Djemal Pasha
Full Name: Ahmed Djemal Pasha
Alias: Ahmet Cemal Pasha
Jamal Basha as-Saffah
Jamal Pasha
The Bloodthirsty
Origin: Midilli, Ottoman Empire
Occupation: Ottoman Naval Minister
Goals: Destroy the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian populations
Win World War I (failed)
Crimes: Genocide
War crimes
Crimes against humanity
Human rights violations
Type of Villain: Genocidal warmonger

Ahmed Djemal Pasha (Ottoman Turkish: احمد جمال پاشا‎, romanized: Ahmet Cemâl Paşa; 6 May 1872 – 21 July 1922), commonly known as Jamal Basha as-Saffah or Jamal Pasha the Bloodthirsty in the Arab world, was an Ottoman military leader and one-third of the military triumvirate known as the Three Pashas (also called the "Three Dictators") that ruled the Ottoman Empire during World War I and carried out the Armenian Genocide.

After the fall of the Young Turks, Djemal's party, he was sentenced to death in absentia for genocide. He was later murdered in Georgia in 1922.