Devon Erikson

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Devon Erikson
Devon Erickson.png
Full Name: Devon Michael Erickson
Alias: devonkillz
Origin: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Occupation: Student (formerly)
Skills: N/A
Hobby: Singing
Social media
Goals: To assist Alec McKinney in exacting revenge on those who bullied McKinney (failed)
Crimes: Murder


Type of Villain: School shooter

Devon Michael Erickson (born September 21, 2000) is a 20-year-old American school shooter who murdered one student and injured nine others at Highlands Ranch STEM School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado on May 7th, 2019. Erickson is one of the two accomplices involved in the shooting, alongside 16-year-old Alec McKinney.

The Shooting

On the afternoon of May 7th, 2019, Devon Erickson and Alec McKinney briefly left Highlands Ranch STEM school during their lunch period and went to Erickson's house, where McKinney threatened Erickson into breaking open a gun safe with a crowbar and an ax. The safe contained three firearms, a rifle and three handguns, and were concealed by the duo in a guitar case and a backpack. The two also engaged in cocaine before returning to Highlands Ranch.

Upon returning to school, Devon Erickson claims that they departed after McKinney entered through the school's back entrance, where he would have been less likely to be caught with the weapons. Although their stories differ, Erickson told police that he intended to inform a teacher of McKinney's plans. However, he insists that his plan to do so was foiled when the two reunited.

The two targeted classroom 107 and entered together through separate doors. Devon claims that, upon seeing Alec reach for one of the guns, he shouted for the classroom inhabitants to get down before being rushed at by two students. Erickson says that the impact of the students prompted the weapon to fire. Devon insists that he did not intend for anyone to be harmed or shot at.

Social Media Suspicions

Devon reported that he had been contacted by McKinney prior to the shooting via social media, advising him to not come to school on the day of the attack. However, despite frequently portraying McKinney as the mastermind behind the shooting, police claim that he was unable to explain why he had not reported McKinney to authorities despite having knowledge of McKinney's plan.