Dennis DePue

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Dennis DePue
Full Name: Dennis Henry DePue
Alias: The Real Jeepers Creepers
Origin: USA
Occupation: Property Assessor
Goals: Assassinate Marilynn DePue (successful)
Crimes: Murder

Domestic Abuse

Type of Villain: Homicidal

Marilynn had many, many opportunities to treat me fairly during this divorce, but she chose to string ir out, trick me, lie to me. And when you lose your wife, children, and home, there's not much left. I was too old to start over.
~ Dennis DePue

Dennis DePue was a U.S. citizen and ex-husband of Marilynn DePue, whom Dennis murdered in 1990.


He had been married to Marilynn DePue for 18 years, however, their relationship was very conflictive, since Dennis was a very violent husband, so in 1989, they divorced, and Marilynn was left with the custody of their 3 children, but Dennis was given permission to make biweekly visits, although Marilynn and her children were reluctant to spend time with Dennis.

On April 15, 1990, Dennis went to Marilynn's house to pick up two of the children for a visit, however, the children had refused to go with him, which made him quite angry. When Marilynn tried to talk to him, he started yelling at her and then grabbed her and threw her down the stairs. After that, Marilynn was knocked unconscious, so Dennis grabbed her and told the children to take her to the hospital. In the end, Dennis and Marilynn never made it to the hospital, and the oldest daughter, Jennifer, ran to the neighbor's house to call the police.

Later Ray and Marie Thorton were on the road when a high-speed truck passed them. They noticed that their license plate started with "GZ", but they didn't pay much attention until a few minutes later, when they passed an abandoned school and saw the truck and saw the driver leaving with a bloody shirt. A few minutes later, they saw that the same van was following them, so Ray turned onto another road, and the van stopped on the side of the road. Then they turned to see if they could see the full license plate to write it down and turn it in to the police, and saw that the guy was changing the license plate and that the door was covered in blood. After that, they returned to the abandoned school and found the bloody shirt. After that, they called the police.

After the police arrived, it was discovered that the van was Dennis', and that he had murdered Marilynn, shooting him in the head, and hiding his body. Marilynn's body would be found later.

Later, Dennis would start writing letters to his friends and family in an attempt to justify his death.

Later, it was discovered that Dennis had changed his name to "Hank Queen" and had a little affair with a certain "Marya", who would later learn that Hank was Dennis. Later, a friend of Marya's gave the license plate number of Dennis' van to the police, and Dennis was found to be in Louisiana and crossing the border into Mississippi, prompting the Louisiana police to start a chase. Finally, Dennis committed suicide, shooting himself in the midst of the chase.


  • Dennis DePue's case is said to have served as inspiration for the opening scene of the horror movie "Jeepers Creepers".
  • Dennis DePue's case had a small segment in episode 20 of season 3 of "Unsolved Mysteries".