Democrat Party (Thailand)

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Democrat Party (Thailand)
Fullname: Democrat Party
Alias: Cockroach Party (In Pantip)
Origin: Thailand
Foundation: 5 April 1946
Headquarters: 67 Setsiri Rd. Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok, Thailand
Commanders: Abhisit Vejjajiva
Goals: Accumulate as much power as possible
Crimes: Cheating
Political discourse
Electoral boycotting
Extreme conservatism
claiming the allegiance
Supporting militarism

The Democrat Party (Thai: พรรคประชาธิปัตย์; RTGS: prachathipat) is a Thai political party. The oldest party in Thailand, it was founded as a conservative and royalist party, and now upholds a conservative-liberal and classically liberal pro-market position.

The Democrat Party made its best showings in parliament in 1948, 1976, and 1996. It has never won an outright parliamentary majority. The party's electoral support bases are southern Thailand and Bangkok, although election results in Bangkok have fluctuated widely. Since 2004, Democrat candidates won three elections for the governorship of Bangkok. From 2005 to 2019, the Democrat Party was led by Abhisit Vejjajiva, former prime minister.

Act of villainy

Democrat Party has several actions of villainy, since it established over 70 years of cronyism and political discourse, so their villainy will be shown such

  • They announced that they founded in 6 April 1946, but in fact, they founded in 5 April 1946, for using power to counterbalance the Pridi Banomyong's power
  • After the death of King Rama 8 of Thailand, they accused and defamed Pridi of having been the mastermind behind the king's death and spread this propaganda throughout the capital and their MPs yelled out, "Pridi killed the King!" in the middle of a crowded theater.
  • After Pridi resigned, Luang Thamrongnawasawat, Pridi's friend become a prime minister, Democrat Party have started the plan by conspirating with military to coup and attempted to vote of no confidence over 1 week, but failed.
  • Later in 8 November 1947, the coup begins, after that, Khuang Aphaiwongse, The Party commander become a prime minister but he was resigned by junta.
  • When they didn't get benefits from junta, they started to protests against junta, until elections in 26 February 1952, they looked that constitution is unfavorable to them, so they boycotted elections, that was first time of Electoral boycott in Thailand.
  • After coup in 1957, Democrat Party was temporary defunct for years, as they aren't vanguard to restore the democracy, after in 1968 election they appeared again, but after Thanom's autocoup, they was defunct again.
  • Has connected to 6 October 1976 in Thammasat University massacre, by crackdowning violently on protesters, after the coup, The party chief was arrested, but released shortly during civilian crackdown.
  • After Thaksin become a prime minister in 2001, that was point of decline of Democrat party, until thier men have formed new party, but they still lose Thaksin anyway in 2005.
  • Has connected to civilian crackdown in 2010 by they killed 100 peoples.
  • Many corruption scandals.
  • Joined with People's Democratic Reform Committee to call a coup and make Thailand become military regime in 2014.
  • Later in Election in 2019, Democrat Party tell that they don't want to support Prayuth Chan-o-cha to become prime minister again, but they lied, by joining Prayuth's party