Debra Denison

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Debra Denison (April 5, 1965 - February 26, 2013) was the villainous grandmother of Alton (age 2) and Ashton Perry (age 6 months), who were both killed by Debra in 2013 as part of a double murder-suicide.

Debra was revealed to have a history of mental illness, having been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and attempted suicide six times in a 20 year span. She also had an estranged relationship with her daughter, Brenda Perry, as it was revealed that she lied many times about Brenda to Jeremy Perry (Brenda's husband) in an attempt to destroy their relationship. Despite this, and her control issues, Brenda allowed Debra to be part of the lives of her children.

On the afternoon of February 26, 2013, Debra was set to pick up Alton and Ashton from daycare, after which she was to take them home to celebrate Alton's 2nd birthday. Though Debra picked up her grandsons, she drove them to a lake instead of their original destination, and afterwards, Debra turned heel by shooting both of her grandsons to death before pointing the gun at herself and committing suicide. After all three bodies were found, a suicide note was uncovered, where Debra lashed out at her daughter and son-in-law, stating that they didn't deserve children and that she wanted them to feel the loss of a child.