David Sonboly

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David Sonboly
Full Name: David Sonboly
Alias: Ali Sonboly
Origin: Munich, Germany
Occupation: Newspaper delivery boy (formerly)

Student (formerly)

Skills: Tactics learned from former shooters
Hobby: Studying murderers
Goals: To exact revenge on those who had bullied him
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: Mass murderer

David Sonboly (20 April 1998 - 22 July 2016) was an Iranian-German mass murderer who, on July 22, 2016 killed nine individuals at a McDonald's restaurant, later, a local mall. The rampage concluded when Sonboly turned his weapon on himself after hiding from police for approximately two hours.

The Shooting

On July 22, 2016, 18-year-old David Sonboly initiated his attack by opening fire at a McDonald's restaurant in Munich, Germany. Prior to the shooting, Sonboly had created fake Facebook accounts, inviting four different individuals to the McDonald's restaurant. Later that day, at around 5:50 p.m., he hid in the bathroom on the first floor of the McDonald's and equipped himself with a handgun he had concealed in his backpack. After exiting the bathroom and returning to the main area of the restaurant, Sonboly approached a table where six teenagers were seated and opened fire. After killing five and wounding one, David fled the restaurant and began firing at people attempting to flee towards an electronics shop and two nearby vehicles. Three people were killed during these events.

Sonboly continued with the attack by entering a shopping mall and killing another teenager. At 6:00 p.m., ten minutes after opening his initial round of fire, David exited the shopping mall and began shooting unsuccessfully at passer-by's from a covered footbridge. He then walked from the bridge to an adjoined multistory car park, where he opened fire once more at two unoccupied vehicles. At this time, an argument broke out between Sonboly and a man shouting from his apartment window. Sonboly fired two shots, the rebound of a bullet injuring another resident who had been standing on a balcony.

David diverted his attention back to the shopping mall and fired three shots towards an employee before being spotted by police. The police attempted to shoot Sonboly with a submachine gun but missed, allowing Sonboly to flee and hide in a residential area. During this time, he attempted to break into a random house and lingered in a stairwell, eventually taking cover in a bicycle storage room. At 8:26 p.m., after being confronted by police officers outside of the storage room, David Sonboly turned the handgun on himself and shot himself in the head.


  • Sevda Dağ, 45
  • Hüseyin Dayıcık, 19
  • Selçuk Kiliç, 15
  • Giuliano Kollmann, 18
  • Can Leyla, 14
  • Roberto Rafael, 15
  • Armela Segashi, 14
  • Sabina Sulaj, 14
  • Dijamant Zabergja, 21


This was a #2 deadliest shooting at a McDonald's restaurant when the #1 was in San Ysidro perpetrated by James Oliver Huberty in 1984 which was once the deadliest Mass Shooting in United States until 1991 when Luby's shooting took place.