David Oubel

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David Oubel Renedo (April 26, 1975) is a Spanish parricide, baptized as the moraña monster due to the brutal murder of his daughters by decapitation with a radial saw. After the crime he tried to commit suicide but had only superficial wounds, the Civil Guard agents had to break down the bathroom door, where David Oubel had locked himself up after murdering his two daughters, aged four and nine, with a kitchen knife and an electric saw. They found him submerged in the bathtub, the water stained red with blood and his gaze lost, after the arrest several citizens tried to lynch him. David Oubel, the parricide of Moraña, was since July 6, 2017, the first sentenced in Spain to reviewable permanent prison. The perpetrator confessed to the murder of his two daughters, Amaya and Candela, at his home on June 31, 2015, learned yesterday the verdict of the jury as well as the sentence of the magistrate Nélidad Cid, who has led a trial that began on Tuesday and It lasted two days in the Provincial Court of Pontevedra.

Moraña's 'monster', convicted of killing his two daughters, did not appeal.