David Moore

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Tomorrow is Friday, you know what that means. I have to take other peoples' lives before I take my own
~ Moore in a video recorded on the day of the shooting

David Moore (13 1/2 years of age at the time of the shooting) was the shooter responsible for the Noblesville West Middle School Shooting. A science teacher and a 13 year old student were injured before the perpetrator was wrestled to the ground.

David Moore
Full Name: David Moore
Alias: Davidmo69630432
Origin: Fishers, Indiana
Occupation: Student (formally)
Skills: technology
Hobby: Video Games


Goals: Kills others (failed)

Kill himself (failed)

Crimes: 2 counts of attempted first degree murder
Type of Villain: School Shooter

Shooter's Background

It was said that the shooter played video games like Call of Duty, while owning a phone, iPod touch, as well as an iPad. He also had an interest in firearms. More info of the boy has yet to be released.

Possible Motives

The 13 year old student responsible for the shooting had been suspended twice from school for joking around with guns and threatening other students.

The student Moore shot was also a said to be a peer who bullied Moore.


On the day of the shooting before he arrived at school, David recorded a video showing himself holding a gun and stating "Tomorrow is Friday. You know what that means; I have to end other peoples' lives before I end my own."

Moore then left, leaving the gun safe wide open with the keys still hanging from it.


During a science test, Moore asked to be excused to use the restroom, he then returned with two hand guns firing at students, injuring a 13 year old girl. The science teacher then jumped up and threw a miniature basketball at Moore, before tackling him and holding him down, receiving 3 gunshot wounds in the process.


During a court trial, the video recorded by Moore just before the shooting was played. The teacher showed up to the hearing but not the student who was injured, stating "I never want to see Moore again."

The family of the 13 year old girl asked for the maximum sentence, while the teacher requested for Moore to complete mental health rehabilitation prior to being released back into society, to make sure he is not a threat to anyone or himself.

The lawyers of the shooter released his apology statement to the families.

David Moore is being held in an Indiana Juvenile Prison until he turns 18.