David Harker

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David Harker
Full Name: David Harker
Alias: Darlington Cannibal
Origin: Teaside, England
Occupation: Unemployed
Skills: No information
Hobby: True Crime


Goals: To become an infamous serial killer (failed)

To never be caught (failed)

Crimes: Cannibalism



Type of Villain: Murderer

It's always good to know that people are thinking of me, especially those who suffer because of my actions. You are correct when you speak of decency. I have none.

I have no inhibitions, remorse or regret and therefore I care not one bit if your wife has a full body burial or not.

~ David Harker to Freddy Newman in a letter

David Harker (1967 - ) is an english man convicted for murdering and eating Julie Patterson over the span of two weeks in Darlington, England. He has earned the name "Darlington Cannibal" for his crime.


Harker was born in 1967. At the age of 14 he was sent to a youth center for attacking two men and his dog. As he got older he had the words "Subhuman" and "Disorder" tattooed across his scalp. When he was 18 or 19 he moved to a small flat in Darlington where his neighbours described him as being very polite and charming.


In April 1998, mother of four, Julie Patterson went drinking at the pub. There, she met Harker and the two became close. At the end of the night, Julie went back to Harker's flat where they got intimate. After the intimacy, something snapped in Harker and he picked up Patterson's tights and strangled her to death with them. He dragged the body downstairs to the basement and cut up Patterson's body and took pieces of her thigh and cooked they with pasta, sauce and cheese. He continued this for the next two weeks until the body began to smell and Harker disposed of it. He then bragged to everyone that he knew, even stranger's, that her had murdered a woman named Julie.


Patterson's torso was discovered in a bin bag in a hedge at the end of a garden. The owner of the house told police officer, David Davies that two boys threw it over saying that it was dead dog. When it was taken for testing it was found the be the torso of Julie Patterson. Some of Harker's drinking friends saw the newspaper with Patterson's case gave Harker's name to the police, as he had bragged about Julie's death to them. His barren house was searched and police immediantly knew that Harker was responsible as the apartment was covered in blood. He was arrested for Julie's murder at a bail hostel where he was held for a separate crime. Upon questioning, Harker confessed to the police to the murder.


In February 1999, Harker was put on trial. His psychiatric results where shown to the judge. The psychiatrist told the judge that Harker had multiple unknown mental disorder's and putting him in a mental hospital would be a waste of time as he was just evil. Harker pled guilty and was sentenced on the grounds of manslaughter. He was put away for 14 years with a chance of parole after said 14 years. He is still in jail to date.


Patterson's daughter, Sophie who was seven at the time, was told her mother died of cancer, however her foster mother told her not to turn on the news, but she did finding out about her mothers true cause of death. Patterson's boyfriend, Alan Taylor, did not take Patterson's death very well and would talk to anyone who would listen, even the media. In 1999, a man by the name of John Morrison was found strangled in his home. Alan Taylor was arrested on suspicion of the murder and confessed that he wanted to commit a crime on the same level as Patterson's murder so he could get put in the same jail as Harker. The plan failed and Taylor was sentenced to life in prison. Taylor commited suicide three months into his sentence. Freddy Newman, Patterson's ex partner wrote to Harker to try and find the rest of Patterson's body, which was never found. Harker taunted Newman and left a riddle to the whereabouts of Patterson's limbs and head. Newman commited suicide eight years later and it is believed it was partially caused by Patterson's death.

Killed Victims

  • Julie Patterson
  • John Morrison (Indirectly)
  • Alan Taylor (Indirectly)
  • Freddy Newman (Partially and Indirectly)