Darren Osbourne

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Darren Osbourne
Full Name: Darren Osbourne
Alias: None
Origin: England, United Kingdom
Occupation: Unknown/none
Skills: No information
Hobby: Singing with his children
Goals: Kill "as many Muslims as possible", including Mayor Sadiq Khan, in revenge for the London Bridge Attack (failed)
Crimes: Terror-related murder

Attempted murder

Type of Villain: Far-right terrorist

Darren Osbourne (born around 1960) is a British man currently incarcerated for committing the 2017 Finsbury Park attack.


Osbourne was originally a normal non-racist person with four children and a wife named Sarah. However at one point he was sentenced to two years in prison for violence and became addicted to anti-depressant medication. He became slowly more estranged from his wife, often being seen shouting at her in public and sleeping alone with his wife sleeping in a tent. Three weeks before the attack, Osbourne began showing signs of bigotry after watching a docudrama about the Rochdale sexual abuse ring, at which point he accused all Muslims of being rapists and began accessing far-right islamophobic material, in particular posts by the British group Britain First, to the point of receiving messages from deputy leader Jayda Fransen, as well as English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson. It is believed that these messages, particularly those from Tommy Robinson, are what fully radicalised Osbourne, as they referred to Salman Abedi and claimed that he was part of a wider conspiracy to create a nation based on rape, hatred and Islam. Robinson also told Osbourne that Abedi's local mosque hosted radical preachers and held a Sharia court. The day before the attack, he announced his intention to attack the Al-Quds day parade.

Attack and Incarceration

On June 19th, 2017, Osbourne targeted the Finsbury Park mosque, as it was connected with Abu Hamza al-Masri. After the Ramadan prayers, Osbourne ran over a worshipper named Makram Ali with a hired van. When a group of other Muslims came across Ali and attempted to perform first aid on him, Osbourne drove the van directly at them and injured them. Ali died at the scene. Osbourne was attacked by the worshippers and he was arrested shortly afterwards. A note was discovered in the van detailing his intention to kill Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. He will be eligible for release in 2060.