Darion Aguilar

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Darion Aguilar
Full Name: Darion Marcus Aguilar
Alias: lovesthemota
Origin: Colorado, USA
Occupation: Student (finished school)
Skills: Researching Columbine
Hobby: Shooting Guns

Going on the internet

Goals: Kill employees in the Zumiez department (succeeded)
Crimes: 2 counts of first degree murder
Type of Villain: Mall Shooter

I’m going to f**king kill you all in a couple of hours. I’m serious. I hate you all so much. You are pathetic pieces of sh* t who deserve to die worthless you are all f**king worthless.

Everything seems fake. I think that I may already be dead.

~ Darion's suicide note

Darion Marcus Aguilar (Born January 4, 1995 - January 25, 2014) was the mall shooter responsible for the Columbia Mall Shooting in Columbia, Maryland which left 2 dead and 5 injured before the gunman committed suicide.