Danute Staneliene

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Danute Staneliene
Full Name: Danute Staneliene
Alias: Danute Staneliene
Origin: Pelecmurgiai The First Republic of Lithuania
Occupation: Warrant officer of Red Army, machine gunner
Skills: No information
Hobby: No infromation
Goals: Help liberate Lithuania SSR from Nazi Germany.
Crimes: Help USSR to destroy The Lithuanian Forest Brothers
Type of Villain: Traitor

Danute Staneline-Full Cavalier of the Order of Glory Дануте Юргио Станилиене - Полный Кавалер Ордена Славы. Born in Lithuania in 1922,Staneline joined the Red Army voluntarily in 1942.She went through a machine gunner course and arrived at the front line in December 1942. As a machine gunner in the 16th Rifle Division, she fought on the First Baltic Front. During combat on December 16, 1943, near Vitebsk, she continued to provide infantry with support from her machine gun. She received an Order of Glory 3rd Class for her actions near Vitebsk.

After she became a sergeant, she continued to serve in the 167th Rifle Regiment (16th Rifle Division) during fighting in Belarus. From July 1 to 10, the unit fought near Polotsk. Her machine gun fire repelled 10 German attacks and killed 40 German soldiers. For her actions she received the Order of Glory 2nd Class.

On the 8th of October 1944, while fighting near Vainutas (Lithaunian SSR), Staneliene destroyed an enemy sniper, three enemy soldiers and captured one German soldier. Because of her exemplary feats, the Supreme Soviet decided to award her the Order of Glory First Class, making her one of the first women to become a full-Cavalier of the Order of Glory.

After Germany's surrender, she was quickly demobilized. She lived in Vilnius. After her death in 1994, she was buried in said city.