Daniel Gill & Robert Fuller

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Daniel Gill and Robert Fuller from Harrogate, North Yorkshire were two teenagers and real-life Ghostface copycat killers.


Both Daniel and Robert brutally stabbed a 13-year-old friend named Ashley Murray after watching the horror movie Scream, they were sentenced at Hull Crown Court in Friday. Judge Arthur Myerson QC described Daniel and Robert as a serious risk to the public, Ashley was stabbed 18 times and was left at a isolated beauty spot outside Harrogate, Ashley was found 40 hours later and survived the incident. After reading psychiatric reports the judge accepted they had behavioural difficulties which enabled convicted Harrogate drug dealer, Paul Aurens, at whose home they watched the film, to exercise undur influence over them.


  • Daniel Gill and Robert Fuller might resemble Billy Loomis & Stuart "Stu" Macher from the first Scream movie.