Dalia Dippolito

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Dalia Dippolito
Full Name: Dalia Dippolito
Alias: Dalia Mohammed
Origin: New York
Occupation: Prisoner
Skills: Being manipulative
Hobby: Lying, screwing over people
Goals: Kill Michael Dippolito (failed)
Crimes: Murder-for-hire attempt
Type of Villain: Liar

I'm positive, like 5000 percent sure...
~ Dalia Dippolito (2009)

Dalia Dippolito (October 18th, 1982- ) is an American woman convicted of attempting to have her husband, Michael Dippolito murdered.

Meeting Mike Dippolito

Michael Dippolito was Dalia Dippolito's husband. Michael was residing in Boyington Beach, Florida. On October 4th, 2008, Michael decided to call for an escort to spend time with him over the night. His wife was out of town during that time. This was the day 26 year old Dalia Mohammed first met Michael. Two weeks after initially meeting, Michael filed for divorce and proposed to Dalia.

Relationship with Michael

At first, their relationship seemed to be very stable. Dalia always expressed her affection towards her husband Michael. However, she also did this publicly, which tended to make people around them uncomfortable.

Michael was convicted of a fraud operation in 2001 and had spent 7 months in prison. On March 12, Michael received a visit from his probation officer. Multiple phone calls had been made from an anonymous source, which claimed that Michael was selling steroids and ecstasy. A week later, Michael was met with police after an anonymous call had stated that he was dealing drugs from his car. During these two incidents, nothing was found. Two weeks later, he was met with police again. This time, a small bag of cocaine was found inside a cigarette pack. Michael then proceeded to have a breakdown as he fully believed he was innocent. He was not arrested. Michael decided to ask his wife if she was involved. She was driving when he decided to ask her. When asking his wife about the bag of cocaine inside the cigarette pack, Dalia did not take the question lightly. In a fit of rage, she was driving the car at 190 miles an hour. Scared for his own life, Michael apologized.

The next morning, Dalia announced that she was pregnant. This made Michael excited and the both of them went shopping to get prepared for the baby. However, Dalia had a plan up her sleeve. She got in touch with Mike Stanley, one of her exes. Mike was going to pretend to be a lawyer and call Michael. Mike would then explain that in order to get off probation, Michael would have to put the house under his wife's name. Michael was convinced and did this. Dalia then contacted Mohammed Shihadeh, another ex. She asked him to hire a hitman in order to kill Michael. Mohammed decided to report her request to the police department.

The Recording

Dalia was going to meet up with the "hitman" in his car. The hitman was actually an undercover narcotics officer. The car had a hidden camera positioned behind the driver's seat. The recording shows Dalia Dippolito entering the car of the "hitman". In the recording, Dalia was heard saying that she was "5000 percent sure" that she wanted to proceed in having her husband Michael killed. In the video, she also looks in the direction of the hidden camera, but does not do anything.

Getting Busted

Dalia was instructed to go to the gym at 5:43 in the morning. Police had notified Michael Dippolito of his wife's intentions. A sergeant then called Dalia, who requested that she return to the house as an incident had happened. Her reaction to the revelation of her husband's death was recorded. She was then taken to the police station.

In the police station, she was interviewed by a detective. Later, the detective would call her out for her acting as he knew what had really happened. Dalia kept denying that she had done anything wrong. She also kept asking to go home.

She then called her husband Michael in order to seek help. Many people explain how she was trying to gaslight him and make herself seem like the victim. However, this plan did not work on Michael. In the phone call, she asked him to get an attorney as she wanted to see him. However, Michael kept explaining how he was not allowed to see her. He also asked her to return the house to his name. She told him how he wasn't trying.

Her Defense

Dalia claimed that it was all an act for television. She also said that she didn't know how to react. In 2015, she was interviewed by 20/20. She claimed that she was a good person who was misunderstood. She had also spent 6 years under house arrest. In 2016, she was convicted and given 16 years in prison. She is expected to be released in 2032.