D. B. Cooper

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D. B. Cooper
Full Name: Unknown
Alias: D. B. Cooper

Dan Cooper Donald Cooper

Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Hijacker
Skills: Intelligence

Strategy and tactics

Hobby: Unknown.
Goals: Steal as much money as he can and get away with his crimes. (Succeeded)
Crimes: Hijacking a plane

Holding hostages

Type of Villain: Criminal Mastermind

D. B. Cooper is the name given to a person who hijacked an airplane using a bomb inside a suitcase and leaped off to an uncertain fate with a parachute and $200,000 in ransom money on November 24th, 1971. His true identity remains undetermined to this day. The mystery of D. B. Cooper's identity and fate has led to much speculation, research, and even enthusiasm and remains a popular subject today.


John List was at one point suspected of being Cooper.