Communist Party of Latvia

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Communist Party of Latvia
Fullname: Communist Party of Latvia
Alias: No information
Origin: Latvia
Foundation: 1904-1991
Headquarters: Riga,Latvia
Commanders: Jānis Kalnbērziņš
Goals: To Sovietize and contribute to the annexation of Latvia, to contribute to the creation of collective farms. (failed)
Crimes: Censorship Oppression Humans Rights Abuses Brainwashing Mass murder Mass deportations

The Communist Party of Latvia was a political party in Latvia.

The name "LCP" was adopted by one of the Latvian Social Democrats in 1919. 1919 participated in the creation of the Soviet Republic of Latvia, had about 7,500 members. 1920-1940 the party was operating illegally. 1928 the party became for a short time legalized as the Latvian Independent Socialist Party. 1940 party legalized, included in VK (b) P and renamed to LK (b) P, 1952 regained its previous name.1990 The LCP lost power and split from the Latvian Independent Communist Party, which later joined the LSDSP. In August 1991, the party was suspended and in September, the Supreme Council decided to ban the LCP. In October, the court newspaper banned the party newspaper Cīņa (Fight).

Later, 6 out of 108 LCP members of the last CC joined the Latvian Socialist Party, including the first Chairman of the Latvian Socialist Party Filip Stroganov and the last Chairman of the Latvian Communist Party and the second Chairman of the Latvian Socialist Party.Alfrēds Rubiks: Alfrēds Rubiks has repeatedly expressed his intention to restore the activities of the Latvian Communist Party and to return the property confiscated from it.

Persons who worked in the Latvian Communist Party after 1991 On January 13, 2003, candidates to stand for election in the Latvian Municipal and Saeima elections (naturalization for non-citizens) were banned. The relevant statutory provisions were unsuccessfully appealed to the Constitutional Court in 2000 and 2006, as well as to the European Court of Human Rights.