Church of Scientology

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Church of Scientology
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Fullname: Church of Scientology
Alias: CoS
Origin: United States of America
Foundation: 1954
Headquarters: Gold Base, San Jacinto, California
Commanders: David Miscavige
Goals: Administer Scientology churches
Crimes: Abuse
Forced disappearance

The Church of Scientology is the corporation that officially manages the Scientology religion. It was founded by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954.

Since its inception, the Church has been behind countless unethical incidents. This includes, but is not limited too:

  • Harassment of critics and defectors, mostly in the form of lawsuits
  • Convincing Kaja Ballo to commit suicide
  • Severe abuse and mistreatment of followers in the Hole. Residents of the Hole were forced to live in ant-infested conditions, sleep in cramped rooms, eat unhealthy food, suffer brutally torturous interrogations that often escalated to physical violence, etc. The Hole's conditions have been compared by defectors to that of a North Korean prison
  • Mismanaged medical treatment that lead to the death of Lisa McPherson. When her body was brought out of isolation in the Introspection Rundown, it was discovered to have multiple bruises and lesions that were consistent with cockroach bites
  • Forcing the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige
  • Forcing Sea Org officers to work hundreds of hours in poor conditions only to receive $50 paychecks. Those who attempt to quit Sea Org are captured and sent back to work

Despite this, the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution has prevented the church from being prosecuted for their crimes.