Chuan Leekpai

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Chuan Leekpai
Full Name: Chuan Leekpai
Alias: Honey-bathed razor blade
Origin: Trang, Thailand
Occupation: Prime Minister of Thailand (1992 - 1995, 1997 - 2001)
President of the National Assembly of Thailand and the Speaker of the Thai House of Representatives (2019 - present)
Goals: Accumulate as much power as possible (ongoing)
Crimes: Corruption
Political discourse
Type of Villain: Ignorant Politician

Chuan Leekpai (Thai: ชวน หลีกภัย, RTGS: Chuan Likphai, born 28 July 1938) is a Thai politician who is the President of the National Assembly of Thailand and the Speaker of the Thai House of Representatives. Previously he served as the Thai prime minister from 20 September 1992 to 19 May 1995 and again from 9 November 1997 to 9 February 2001.

Chuan was a fifth leader of the Democrat Party and elected as member of parliament in first time in 1969, with born in poor villager family, including have a politely tone, but he have a dark side which anyone who don't know about him.

Chuan was a minister in several departments such justice, agriculture, commerce, health, and defence, if asked to his workings, nobody was answered that he has workings due in his position.


  • After the Black May in 1992, the Democrat Party won the election under slogan as "I believe in parliament system" and discourse as "Jamlong bring people to death", Later Chuan becomes a prime minister in first term
  • Chuan burned a 36 schools in Southern Thailand that begins of insurgency in 1994.
  • Sor Por Kor (land reform scheme) scandals by Suthep Thaugsuban giving to 486 billionaires, later oppostion party begins to vote of no confidence against Suthep and pressure Suthep to resign but Chuan decided to abolish the parliament.
  • After the land reform scheme scandals, Chuan make a discourse by excuse Suthep as "The rich have a right to receive the scheme, just like a competition"
  • In Chuan's second term, economic crisis, corruption and scandals occured in his regime.
  • Chuan closed the 56 banks that cause economic crisis.
  • FSRA (ปรส.) scandals by FSRA caused economic damage to several hundred thousand million baht, but can't find the responsive anyway.
  • Ulrich Wolfgang scandals by Ulrich Wolfgang was german mafia who illegally bring the yacht and immigration and supported by Chuan's men, Finally the court ordered to exile Wolfgang but Chuan's men suffered nothing from punishment.
  • The Salween logging scandal, where up to 20,000 trees were felled illegally in the Salween forest in Mae Hong Son. Some of them turned up in the compound of the Democrat party's office in Phichit Province.
  • The "edible fence" seed scandal, in which massive overpricing of seeds distributed to rural areas happened. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture was forced to resign.
  • Sanan Kajornprasart, Interior Minister, as well as eight other cabinet ministers were found to have understated their declared assets. Sanan was later barred by the Constitutional Court from politics for five years.
  • Chuan's most infamous act is solving the agricultural problem by telling farmer to destroy rubber tree when rubber price falls.
  • Chum Sakhol, Prachinburi farmer appealed to Chuan, but Chuan ignored, later Chum committed suicide.
  • 27 October 1999, Cassava farmer protests, but Chuan's regime loosed the dogs to bite the protesters, insteading for his apologies to hurt people, but he investigate the dogs, as known as Chuan can communicate with dogs.
  • Chuan joined the People's Democratic Reform Committee to boycott and make Thailand become a military junta regime.