Christy Sheats

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Christy Sheats (May 2, 1974 - June 24, 2016) was the main villainess behind the murders of her two daughters in 2016.

On June 24, 2016, Christy Sheats called her husband, Jason Sheats, and daughters Taylor (22) and Madison (17) for a "family meeting," but at that moment, Christy turned heel and shot Madison to death. After killing Madison, the evil Christy targeted Taylor, after which 911 was called, with Taylor begging her villainous mother not to kill her.

Police arrived at the scene right after Christy fired one final shot that killed Taylor, after which the villainess was shot and killed by police. Regarding a motive, it was revealed that Jason was planning on divorcing Christy that day, leading to Christy killing her daughters in front of Jason as part of her plan to make Jason "suffer." It was also revealed that Christy's mental stability decreased following the 2012 deaths of her mother and grandfather.